Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a support system?

We have a 24/7 support system.Your request is first received by the support agent and proceeds to the manager in case the agent cannot assist you. The working hours of support agents and managers are always 24/7.

How quickly can I get a response to my ticket?

The maximum response time is within 24 hour frame

Do you have any support maintenance outside your service?

Currently all the support maintenance is carried out via our email system.

Do you have an urgent support system?

To contact the urgent support system, Contact us on ICQ & Telegram.

How do i make a purchase on your shop?

You can make a purchase on our shop by simply selecting the service or item and add it to your CART then checkout and pay Using Bitcoin

We don’t store your bitcoins on our shop unlike most shops.You only pay for your service/item from your personal BTC wallet when you need to.Most shops or markets that tell you to top up your wallet on there store will probably at one time steal your coins through Exit scams,we have seen this through the now defunct Dream,Market,Nightmare Market and so many others

My payment is not processed, what do I do?

If you think that your payment has not been confirmed, please write us an email ([email protected]) to the support service and we will help you with your problem as soon as possible.

What about appropriate behavior?

It is strongly recommended to be polite while communicating to us, because we are initially willing to do our best to help the client. Failing to do so will force us to take harsh actions. Also avoid writing private Telegram or ICQ messages to the administration without a serious reason. If you have any questions, write an email.

I did not receive any reply , what is the reason?

It is most likely that you are in blacklist for the following reasons:

  • Spam;
  • Your account in our service is blocked;
  • You had unreasonable requests;
  • You asked for information about updates;
  • You kept asking questions described in detail in FAQ.
  • you ask too many questions but never buy anything from our shop


Do you accept custom Orders?

Yes, we accept custom orders.Make a request via our email support system and we shall honour your request.



The website does not work, what do I do?

If the website stopped working correctly or some elements are not loading, clear the cache and try again. If the service does not work at all, contact urgent support service via ICQ or Telegram.



What mode of payment do you accept?

We Only Accept Bitcoin & Perfect Money.



Can I try before I buy?

This Service Is Not Available Right Now.



Do you have special services ?

Yes, we will help you with any service you want . Just contact us through our live chat on icq,telegram or email.




This question comes into the mind of anyone that comes into this page, the answer is yes it is safe because we use a lot of sophisticated tools to carry out our operation and we tend to ensure the safety of our clients is our priority.




The answer is NO we are not selling money but we are using the knowledge we have to impact the lives of the society positively.